I was 23 years old, in a relationship, living on my own and just finishing my B.S.c.  It was 1986 and there was still the ‘tribunal system’ that required my doctor to send the request for a ‘TA’ to a three-doc review panel.  This freaked me out, the possibility of denial.

When I told my boyfriend I was pregnant he said “I cant believe this is happening to me”.

My male doctor asked me – when we got the result and I said right away “how do I get an abortion?” – if I didn’t love my boyfriend.  I was furious and got through the appointment with civility only to get to the point of him sending the request to the tribunal.  I never saw that doc again (my choice).  Once approved, he referred me to an ob/gyn for tests/exam.  I was attended to by a tight-lipped, judgmental nurse.  I remember it so clearly.  I felt ashamed even though I never had any doubt that this was the right choice for me; I felt dirty.

I knew it was right as soon as he said “the test is positive” and in 22 years, I’ve never looked back.  I am really glad I could make that choice.

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