I didn’t tell anyone until the day of the abortion but I had been told that I needed someone to pick me up so told my grandmother and aunt who were very supportive. Even though they are both catholic they did whatever I needed and did not impose what they thought I should or shouldn’t do.

I found a number for my aunt’s family doctor and called to make an appointment in regards to my irregular periods. When I got to the office I explained what was really going on and they gave me a test and a pelvic exam. They said that they would call if the test was positive. When I didn’t hear from them for the next 2 weeks I figured everything was fine but was starting to feel symptoms of pregnancy. When I called the office to see if the test had come back positive they said “oh yes we must have forgotten to call you” When I asked them how I go about getting an abortion they said to look in the yellow pages. I finally found a number or a local doctor performing abortions out of the hospital in Sudbury he advised me I was 11 weeks and that I was only able to make an appointment for the next week. If the original doctor had been more supportive there wouldn’t have been such a rush in the end making it very stressful.

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