He got all quiet and put his head down and sighed.  Then he said “ Well we can go back to Saskatchewan and get married. We can live on my Dad’s farm. Or you can get an abortion. “I looked at him for about 3 seconds and said I will have an abortion.

The thing with that is – I had NO problem with making that decision. I knew that was the thing to do.  I felt it. I knew it was okay with the little thing growing in me –(who wanted a 15 year old mother who couldn’t even break up with a guy she hated being with?). I knew it was okay with God.  I prayed about it and I talked to God about it and I knew inside of me that he/she was okay with it.  This was not what I was supposed to be doing with my life right now.  I was a kid myself.

It was 1972, and abortion was still not legal in most provinces. Fortunately in British Columbia it was, although it was not an easy process.  We did go to see the Doctor and although he was kind to me, I remember he smoked a cigarette while he examined me and his white coat was not very white.  Anyhow, he told me to point out to him who my boyfriend was, and he asked him to come in.  He gave us the name of another doctor to see re the abortion, and how to go about it.  As we were about to leave, he called my boyfriend by name and said “ If I were Lori’s father, you would be in jail right now.” I remember at the time wishing my own parents were that protective of me and that willing to help me out.

The support I would have appreciated:  One kind word from anyone.   When I counsel women at the clinic now, I use words like brave, wise, smart and courageous.  I do what I can to communicate to these women that making a choice like this is another step towards empowerment – that they are choosing for themselves.

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