it’s funny that i still get that tummy quease, considering its not a secret with my family or my friends that i’ve had an abortion… i don’t know why i still hesitate to be public about it, i sure don’t hesitate to say what i think about abortion access. so, i’m willing to get my picture taken because i think i have to get over this fear of being publicly outed.  i walked through a throng of anti-choice protesters on my way into the clinic and i’ve shouted them down in rallies, why should this be harder?  i don’t think i’m silent but obviously we’re not out there enough if people think we’re silent and stigmatized with no one to stand up for us.  what about ourselves???

to say that canadians just don’t think  about abortion anymore…duh… if you’re needing one and cant get  one you sure think about it.  if you need one and got one you sure  think about it. if you know someone who got one you think about it.   if you wonder what the hell you’ll do if your period is 3 days late  you think about it.

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