Women feel guilty because a lot of ppl in society have made it to be a bad thing to do.  There’s a lot of guilt attached to having an abortion, that somehow its not about women’s bodies, society tends to remove all care from the body of the woman and places it on the unborn fetus.

I was living in a different city than my mom.  I was in my first year at a new high school and I connected with a girl at school who had also been through that.  She took me to the doctor.  But in order to get an abortion I had to tell my parents b/c I was only 15.  I had to tell everyone that I was going for a foot appointment, I had to lie to my ballet teacher about where I was going.

The doctor, removed me from my mom an dtook me into a private room and questioned me.  She asked me if I was okay killing another living being.  It was disturbing.

I said, “I would rather keep my life going in a forward direction than bring something into the world that I am not prepared to take care of”.

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