23 years old.  Married.  Living with my (now ex) husband and our 3 year old son.  We were both working at the time, but money was very tight.

When I found out I was pregnant, I gave the situation a lot of thought and realized that I was not ready to become a parent of a second child.   A big part of the decision was that our marriage was so unstable by that time.

My husband was supportive in that he said that it was my choice to make.

At first only my partner and I knew.  Then I told my brother (a week later).  Years later I told my current partner.  Since that time, I told no one else until about a month ago.  A month ago I decided to be part of this photo project, now many of my friends know, as well as most of my co-workers.

I always considered it a private, medical procedure. But now after getting involved with this project, I realize that by not talking about it, I am encouraging that silence that is associated with the shame and stigma many people try to assign to abortion.

It`s been a positive thing for me to hear other women talk frankly and openly about their abortion.  It made me realise that it is okay to talk about it and that I too, can help break down that stigma by talking about abortion.  It made me want to get involved in this photo project because it made me realize that I can give pro-choice women a `face` by having my photo taken, and hopefully help other women realise that abortion is an okay choice to make if it feels right for them.

When I originally saw the Globe and Mail article that featured this Project, I was so impressed!  I thought: those women are SO BRAVE.  What a courageous thing to do, what a brilliant project to put a positive light on abortion.  To say: “Yes, I have had an abortion and that is okay.  Abortion is not a shameful thing.”

When I had the chance to be a part of this project, I thought: “This is something I need to do.  I am so proud of the women who stand up and speak out and get photographed for this cause.  This is something that I want to be a part of.”

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